Financial Planning Services

Get the right financial planning services for your needs

When you get financial planning through Angolano & Company and our business partner, it can range from evaluating your expenses and income to creating a budget or evaluating your insurance needs, retirement needs, tax planning, and the best way to plan for your child’s education. Generally, the first step is working to reduce debt by determining which debt payoffs should be concentrated on first.

Have a personal financial statement created

The first step is for us to gather information from you, which includes getting a personal financial statement that calculates your net worth using fair market value of both assets and liabilities. These personal financial statements can be audited, compiled, and reviewed as needed for financing or estate planning purposes.

Set your business objectives

Set objectives for your business by determining goals, and by developing objectives that include staff, schedule, marketing, constrictions, budgets, and expansions. We'll help you put systems into place that can monitor real performance to your budget objectives. This may include working on your financial capital needs, recovering from past losses, and pricing of products and/or services.

Are you ready for the future?

Now is the time to get your financial future on track. Our comprehensive financial planning services will help ensure all of your bases are covered. Call us now at 802-985-8992 or set up your appointment online today!

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