Services for Government

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Are you a government agency or non-profit entity?

Your government agency or non-profit entity can benefit from a number of services offered by Angolano & Company, including auditing and reviewing. We'll start by doing the appropriate fieldwork and will provide an opinion of the fairness of your financial statement presentation in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles or other basis of accounting.

Compilations and forensic accounting

Let us create the right financial statement bases of accounting for compilations, which may include accrual basis, cash basis, and income tax basis. Through our forensic accounting services you can get a thorough analysis to find out if an employee is stealing or other fraudulent activities are happening. We can even help you assess your current risk.

Internal control evaluation

Do you have internal controls that are sufficient to prevent fraud? There are five components that can be used to evaluate: control environment, assessment of risk, control activities, information processing, and monitoring. Come to us for education and guidance to assure you have an adequate system to safeguard your assets.