Executor & Trustee Services

As Trustees, we will make sure the trust assets are handled or distributed according to the trust document.

Asset management and estate distribution

You can trust Angolano & Company to protect your property until all debts and taxes have been paid, and fair and impartial transfer of any remaining assets to those who are entitled to them.

Why should you appoint Angolano & Company as an Executor?

The duties of an executor include taking a thorough inventory of an estate, locating eligible heirs, providing official death notices to creditors, and obtaining an official court petition to probate the will, and notifying banks and applicable government agencies (i.e. Social Security Administration, Medicare, Department of Veterans Affairs) of the death.

Having an established, trustworthy firm like Angolano & Company to perform these duties can alleviate stress and provide comfort, knowing that all details are handled professionally and impartially.

We can handle all day-to-day details and final expenses

We will maintain the integrity of your estate by terminating leases and credit cards, paying bills, paying debts, maintaining insurance policies, and filing the final estate income tax return covering the period from the beginning of the tax year to the date of death.

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