Tax Services

Comprehensive business and individual tax services

We can help you reduce your tax liability, and achieve your immediate and future financial goals. Whether for an individual, corporation, subchapter S corporation, partnership, estate, trust, or not-for-profit organization, we can prepare your federal and state tax returns, apply tax strategies, and maximize allowable tax credits.

Your tax is minimized whenever possible and our team asks the questions needed to ensure deductions aren't overlooked. All your relevant data is collected via a tax organizer.

Take advantage of our tax organizer

You can access our tax organizer via our secure portal with your username and password. Simply print it out and complete. When you're done, return it to us with your tax documents. You can also upload your scanned tax documents as attachments to the tax organizer. A PDF version is also available.

Get a copy of your tax return

Are you in need of a copy of your tax return? Just ask us and we'll send a password protected PDF right to your email address or through our secure portal. This format makes it simple to store, forward a copy to your lender, or print out for your own files.

Get tax planning assistance

Are you withholding enough? Is your business making more than it usually does? Work with us throughout the year to find ways of legally minimizing your taxes and ensure there's enough paid to prevent interest and penalties. Ideally tax planning should be done on a quarterly basis beginning in the second quarter of the year.

IRS/VT Department of Taxes exams and notice responses

Have you received a confusing notice regarding your taxes? Speak to a tax professional who can help you sort out problems. Start by sending us the notice and let us do the research to determine the legitimacy. We can also draft a response on your behalf and can deal directly with government representatives through a Power of Attorney.

Now is the right time to start tax planning. Don't wait until the end of the year when you may already owe penalties.

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